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The following are some of the expected questions that will be asked more often:

Q1.What Makes PoliceBCMR Secured and Trusted?

PoliceBCMR is programmed and designed to stand the test of time and addresses security issues relevant to forensic investigations, system hacking, identity and access control, intrusion detection, incident response and encryption.

Q2.What makes the PoliceBCMR Unique?

It is a technological means of attaching automobile owner’s special biological characteristics and personal data to their vehicle for protection and crime control purposes.

Q3.Will the Police use the Data Collected from me for other purposes?

When necessary, especially when forensic investigation is required since it’s the duty of the police to protect the nation’s citizens and maintain peace and order in the society.

Q4.How many minutes would it take a PoliceBCMR officer to complete a single registration?

It will take a PoliceBCMR officer an average of ten minutes to complete a single registration. There is a high possibility that an officer can complete a registration in less than ten minutes.

Q5.Can I access my PoliceBCMR account from anywhere?

Yes, account holders can access their accounts from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Q6.How do I report a stolen vehicle?

If the car is stolen you can quickly send a report via a mobile phone using the Short Message System (SMS) in a specified format or visit http://policebcmr.org.

Q7.Can I report a stolen car that is not mine?

Yes, only if you cannot contact the owner and you know the vehicle Identification Number of the car.

Q8.How can my car be located if it has no track in it?

Your car can be relocated even if it has no tracker in it as long as you have reported it.

Q9.Can I send someone to register a car on my behalf?

Yes, provided the person has your PoliceBCMR Number and you’ve done your biometrics.

Q10.In the case when I am registered but yet to collect my PoliceBCMR Smart Card, what do I show the police?

You will be given a slip at the PoliceBCMR centre. The slip is a temporal representation of the PoliceBCMR Smart Card until the actual card is ready for collection.

Q11.Is it safe to reveal my Vehicle Identification Number and PoliceBCMR Number to someone else?

Yes, it is safe to give your Vehicle Identification Number and PoliceBCMR Number to someone because nobody will be able to access or modify your data without the knowledge of the PoliceBCMR administrators.

Q12.Do I still have to go to any PoliceBCMR Centre when I want to renew PoliceBCMR Card?

Yes, it’s recommended that you go to the PoliceBCMR Centre whenever you want to update or renew your particulars.

Q13.What Happens when I lost my PoliceBCMR Card?

Go to the nearest PoliceBCMR Centre. With your fingerprints or PoliceBCMR number, your data would be retrieved immediately. However, you may be required to pay a replacement fee.

Q14.What happens when I forget my PoliceBCMR Pass Code?

Go to http://policebcmr.org click on the button named forget pass code. Your pass code will reset and sent to your mail or mobile phone.

Q15.What do I do when I want to change my car color?

Visit the nearest PoliceBCMR Centre or visit http://policebcmr.org and do the following;
  • Go to the PoliceBCMR website
  • Enter your account
  • Choose Edit Vehicle Color
  • Choose color
  • Click ‘send report’. As soon as the PoliceBCMR administrator approves your report, you will receive an Email/SMS notification. Then your car is safe for use.

Q16.What do I do when I want to sell my car to someone else?

Give your PoliceBCMR number to the intended buyer for confirmation. Then go to the nearest PoliceBCMR Centre for change of data.

Q17.Is it compulsory to go about with the PoliceBCMR Smart Card?

It is not compulsory but it is necessary. A police officer can confirm your data on the handheld by using your PoliceBCMR Number or fingerprint. However, any person going about with your vehicle should carry the card.

Q18.What are the things I can do on my own via my PoliceBCMR Account?

For security reasons, you are only authorized to send reports and complaints via your PoliceBCMR.

Q19.If I have more than one car, must I register them separately?

Yes, you must register each car separately because each car must have its own Smart Card with a unique Vehicle Number (VIN), but the same PoliceBCMR Number.

Q20.Is it compulsory for me to report a car I am no longer using?

No, it’s not compulsory.

Q21.In the case of death, is it necessary to report such incident to PoliceBCMR Centre?

Only necessary if there is next of kin.

Q22.Should I still carry my car particulars around when I already have them Captured in my PoliceBCMR Smart Card?

Yes, it’s recommended that you have a copy of your vehicle particulars but the PoliceBCMR authenticates the identity of the true owner and the originality of the document(s).

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